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Let’s Talk About: Damiana

Click to see damiana profiled on erowid.org
Click to see damiana profiled on erowid.org

I love damiana, you guys. It is seriously one of my favorite herbal allies, and definitely my favorite aphrodisiac. Damiana brings a spicy, floral, woody flavor to everything you add it to, and the red hue it lends to teas and to honey is absolutely heartwarming.

If Damiana were in human form before you now, she’d be a courtesan – eyes agleam with a deep sparkle in dark irises, heavy breasts like ripe fruit, with wide hips and large thighs. Her skin would be a soft brown, and her dark auburn hair would catch the light with amazing glints of red. Her mouth would be perfect for eating plums, her fingertips light and sensually beckoning you closer with laughter and passion in her eyes.

That is why she is the first herb into the pot when I brew up Bunny Hunny. She is the main ingredient in my naughty cordial. My giggle joins in with her luscious laughter as she scents up my home with her magic.

If you want to play with Damiana on your own, I encourage you to make your herbal purchases from Mountain Rose Herbs. They are a long-lasting, responsible company who promotes sustainable wild-crafting and sells organic, fair trade herbs whenever possible!

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