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Mmmm…Kale Chips!
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I used to believe that I didn’t like kale. You see, my only experience with kale was when I was a kid, choking down forkfuls of slimy, boiled kale simmered with hog jowls. Ugh.... Read More

“Quench” and some Autumnal Goodies
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Guys! Guess what?  Ashley English of Small Measure has a book being released this month, called Quench. Focusing on handcrafted beverages, there are over 100 recipes are in this book, including two of MY... Read More

Link Roundup: Cheese, Spices, and More!
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Notes from the Pixie’s Yard We found a Black Widow spider this morning, but luckily not near the house or the dog’s run. After a bit of appreciation of her dangerous beauty, we... Read More

Recipe Box: Spicy Citrus Salt Blend
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I just hate to waste leftovers in the kitchen, don’t you? My mind is often busy with trying to figure out how to repurpose fruit or herbs strained from tinctures or vinegars after the... Read More

Link Roundup: Equinox edition
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Good morning, lovely folks!  I am quite enjoying this year’s harvest season and hope that you are, as well. The sun is rising this morning on Equinox and from here on the days... Read More