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Lacto-Fermented Garlic Recipe
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If you ever find yourself with a spare clove or two of garlic, consider trying a super-simple method of preserving it by fermenting it in a salt brine! Lacto-fermented garlic is awesome. The fermentation process makes... Read More

Help support the Water Protectors!
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If you have money to donate to help support the Water Protectors, please consider doing so as soon as possible! The Standing Rock Sioux and the tribes across the Americas that are supporting them on... Read More

How to Harvest and Freeze Aloe Vera Gel
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  I recently wrote an article for Learning Herbs, called “How to Harvest and Freeze Aloe Vera Gel“. A few weeks ago, I repotted my poor, neglected houseplants, splitting apart overgrown Peace Lilies, Spider Plants,... Read More

Fermented Foods Workshop
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A few weeks ago, I was the facilitator for a fermented foods workshop at a private festival in beautiful Eastern Tennessee! The Harvest Celebration focused on the aspects of the fall season leading up to... Read More


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