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Link Roundup: Equinox edition
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Good morning, lovely folks!  I am quite enjoying this year’s harvest season and hope that you are, as well. The sun is rising this morning on Equinox and from here on the days... Read More

Growing Potatoes in Containers: The Harvest
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On our last episode… Alright! Remember way back in May when I decided to try to grow potatoes? If you don’t, visit “Growing Potatoes in Containers: The Experiment” first to see how this container... Read More

Poem: Harvesting Goldenrod
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    Harvesting Goldenrod While my hand was draped in gold and my whole self consumed with the scent of Solidago, he attacked in the gloaming, in the tall grasses. I snapped another... Read More

Quick and Easy Beer Bread
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There are many who may question the existence of the rare creature known as the “left-over beer,” but I swear that they are real as you or me… For example, have you ever... Read More

Recipe Box: One Gallon of Elderberry Mead
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Elderberries are delicious! Even more than that, they are useful and quite a potent medicine. I make jars full of elderberry tincture and cordial all throughout the year to stock up for fall... Read More