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Bee or Wasp?
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What just buzzed past my head?! The new house has a lot of life to it, and that includes our insect buddies. We’ve seen a few buzzy members of the bee or wasp and hornet variety:... Read More

The Pixies have a new homestead!
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This is it! The big announcement I’ve been waiting to share with you all…   I was handed the keys to our brand new house and acre of land! First time homeownership for the win!!!... Read More

The Magic of Mimosa
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Ah, it is late June, and the Mimosa trees are blooming.   My love and I went a-foraging in the wild forest of invasive plants that covers the empty lot next door. This lot would be... Read More

Holding Space – You are not alone.
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Hello everyone. I hope you all have been doing reasonably well despite all of the reasons to not be well lately…violence, anger, pain, suffering is everywhere and we are most of us attached to a... Read More


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