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Lavender Infused Honey
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  Lavender Infused Honey is not just for eating…it’s great to have on hand for first aid and beauty regimen as well! You can make and use this honey easily in your own home – I’ll give... Read More

Let’s Talk About: Lavender
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When I think of lavender, I think of soap. Specifically, the little, purple, seashell-shaped soaps that lived in my grandmother’s soap dish in the main bathroom of the house. Those delicate little soaps were intended... Read More

Recipe Box: One Gallon of Mint Wine
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Mint, mint, mint. Once you get a good patch of mint planted, you should quickly have more mint than you can ever figure out how to use! (I cover medicinal properties of mint here) My peppermint... Read More

Things I Love: June in Asheville
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I love June, for all of the daily rain and thunder booming, the flowers and the veggies blooming! I’ve been bottling brew, chopping soapwort, and otherwise rising out of the slump that has kept me... Read More

Recipe Box: Honeysuckle Infused Sugar
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May is rolling out and June is rolling in – wild roses and irises are blooming their last and the berries are starting to form green on the vine! Is the honeysuckle blooming like crazy where you... Read More

Recipe Box: Creamy Coconut Cordial
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So, here’s another mad kitchen-science experiment that has been a consistent success in our home – creamy coconut cordial. A few years ago, my housemate and I experimented with a very intriguing recipe that we found... Read More


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