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Milkshakes for Breakfast?! YES!
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I have a tendency to make a special Sunday breakfast. I brew up a french press pot full of the good coffee that we only use for guests and our Sunday mornings. Then comes the food…something... Read More

How to make Mint Infused Sugar
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So you’ve made mint extract. You’ve made mint tea, and stored enough dried mint to last you through a few winters. Maybe you’ve made mint chutney, mint jelly, or candied the cooling leaves for future... Read More

Things I Love: This Busy Summer
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  “There’s a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”  This Leonard Cohen lyric really helped me through a tough patch this summer. Nothing was exactly wrong, but everything just seemed a... Read More

Lavender Infused Honey
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  Lavender Infused Honey is not just for eating…it’s great to have on hand for first aid and beauty regimen as well! You can make and use this honey easily in your own home – I’ll give... Read More

Let’s Talk About: Lavender
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When I think of lavender, I think of soap. Specifically, the little, purple, seashell-shaped soaps that lived in my grandmother’s soap dish in the main bathroom of the house. Those delicate little soaps were intended... Read More


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