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My name is Amber, and I’m the head pixie in charge of Pixie’s Pocket (formerly Swamp Pixie Herbal).  I am an herbalist, brewer, forager, and lazy gardener in Western North Carolina, in the Appalachian mountains. Visit the About & Press page to learn more.

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Recent Articles:

Recipe Box: Blackberry Cordial & Simple Syrup

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Summer days in these mountains mean many wonderful things – fireflies blinking in the dusk, sweet little songbirds chirping, frogs croaking, and one of my favorites – blackberry picking!   It has been... READ MORE

Recipe Box: Hedgerow Jelly

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  Weeds and Wildflowers! What is a hedgerow? In the cultured, organized sense, it is meant to be a barrier of trees and shrubs planted to mark boundary lines or to keep grazing... READ MORE

How to find local beekeepers

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I recently had someone ask me for help with finding her a few local beekeepers in her area. She wanted some honey, but was also interested in tending bees in her own backyard. She... READ MORE

Drying Strawberry Tops

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I admit it – I’m lazy. A lazy cook, a lazy gardener…I like to set things up and let them do their own thing with minimal input from me, which is why I’m fond... READ MORE

Friday Followup: Bees, Honey, Herbs

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Friday Followup is a collection of cool links and such from my networks around the web – happy little spider that I am, sharing things in my web.  A message about fracking from... READ MORE