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Here, you'll find articles about foraging foods and brewing meads, recipes for fermented foods and delicious things made with too much butter, and the occasional account of my gardening mishaps.

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Damson Plum & Muscadine Butter
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There’s a lovely little spot downtown that I quite enjoy walking past as I head into work. It’s an office in an old converted Victorian house, and they’ve planted the yard full of flowers, herbs,... Read More

How to make Ginger Tea
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There’s few teas that I make as often as I make Ginger Tea.  From the moment I put the cup to my lips and sip, the spicy glow radiates through my body and infuses me... Read More

Things I Love: This Fine, Fine Fall
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The Autumn appeared early this year, sneaking in little tendrils of fog and chill even while it still said August on the calendar. September blazed into being decked in red-tipped leaves and a confetti of... Read More

Milkshakes for Breakfast?! YES!
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I have a tendency to make a special Sunday breakfast. I brew up a french press pot full of the good coffee that we only use for guests and our Sunday mornings. Then comes the food…something... Read More


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